Saturday, May 10, 2008

Everyone, Read The Film Club

My recommended book for the week is The Film Club by David Gilmour, published by Twelve Books. I wrote about its charms and wonders on Huffington Post. Check out: It's by a Canadian novelist and film lover who had a popular TV show on film for many years. His son was flunking out of high school, and Gilmour's eventual solution was to let him drop out at 15, stay home and watch three movies a week with Dad. There was plenty of film education, and much conversation, communication, and maturity that happened. It's a smart, touching, and beautifully written piece of work - and it includes a list of films they watched, and there are quite a few I haven't seen yet. Reading The Film Club also makes me want to read Gilmour's novels. His website is very intriguing.

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