Sunday, March 24, 2013

Early Magazine & Blog Reviews are In~

I'm heartened to see so many early, positive reviews of What My Mother Gave Me already on-line, including this from ForeWord Reviews“A single gift can easily tell the story of an entire life,” writes Elizabeth Benedict, editor of and contributor to the anthologyWhat My Mother Gave Me. In the book’s case, a single gift has the ability to tell the story of two lives: mother and daughter. Here, thirty-one women writers spanning five generations essay their way into the stories of their relationships with their mothers, with a particular present serving as the writer’s muse. The impressive lineup of novelists, poets, columnists, journalists, and essayists includes both a National Book Award and MacArthur Fellowship recipient, a US poet laureate, a Pulitzer Prize-winning cultural critic, a television producer, and a civil rights activist."

I'm particularly thrilled by the kind words of Book Diva, who writes: "I highly recommend this book to everyone, it is not only inspiring, but also a lovely study on the mother-daughter relationship. It is a book filled with humor, poignancy and love. There is a story within the pages for every daughter and every mother."

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