Saturday, November 7, 2015

Great Silver Hair Story from a Reader

I was delighted to receive this story from a reader in response to my call for stories about going gray, or as we say around here, silver. Got one you want on this blog? It can be with or without your name - entirely your choice. Email me at and I'll consider it. 

In the meantime, here's one I really identify with - especially all the ambivalence - should I, shouldn't I? Thanks for sharing with us!

"I am a 37 year old brunette who has never colored my hair. Prior to having any grays, I never thought my hair was my best feature, so I didn’t want to spend the time/money in the salon coloring it. It simply wasn’t a big deal to me.

"As a few silver strands started showing up like obnoxious runway lights in an otherwise calm night,  I thought, “hmm.” About that time, a (male) colleague of mine gave me Anne Kreamer’s book [Going Gray]. Upon reading it, I resolutely decided to not color my hair and wrote her a fan letter (my first. She responded! It was great.) Now, two years later, I’m still resolutely not going to color my hair….maybe.  

"I am hoping to age gracefully and embrace my silver hair (my mother quit coloring in her 40s and looks fabulous), but I admit I spend more time thinking about my hair now than I ever did as a young woman. It’s crazy! Additionally, you should know I’m self-centered enough to be somewhat fascinated with my own aging process, so some days are easier than other. :)

"I try to use my gray as a tool to position myself (I work in advertising strategy in an ad agency, so I’m supposed to be the “smart” one) as experienced and wise next to the flamboyant youths I find myself among, but how boring does that get? Answer: very.

"So far, I’m au natural, baby. But ask me again, tomorrow….

A naturally mousy-brown-haired gal from [the Midwest]"

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